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Corinth has a huge history with immense importance, not only for Greece, but also globally. We have some interesting and important stories and facts about Corinth you may not know.

Hymn of Love

The touching, hymn of the Love of the Apostle Paul is among the most beautiful texts of Christianity and is part of his famous First Letter to the Corinthians.

“Love is long-suffering, it is beneficial and beneficial, love is not jealous, love is not bragged (= not boasted), it is not proud, it does not make ugliness, it does not seek its interest, it is not irritated, it does not think evil for others. It does not rejoice when he sees injustice, but he congratulates when the truth prevails. Tolerates everything, believes everything, hopes everything, endures everything. Love never fails. “


The trireme, the most famous warship of the ancient years, was built by the Corinthian shipbuilder Amenoklis in 704 BC. The new ship is the most superior of any previous one, due to its speed.

Corinth Gulf Dolphins

The Corinthian Gulf is experiencing three global uniquenesses and an incredible coexistence phenomenon. It looks like a miniature of the Mediterranean, and at the same time it is a unique place in the world in terms of dolphin societies. It is inhabited by four species of dolphins. The Zonaldelfina and common dolphins that live in the deep waters of the Corinthian and the rhino dolphins that live only in the shallow waters. The Gulf of Corinth has been officially declared an IMMA (Important Area for Marine Mammals)

When Alexander the Great met Diogenes

While Diogenes was in Corinth, Alexander the Great wanted to meet him. When they met, the king of Macedonia asked him what grace he wanted to do to him. The philosopher replied: “Enlight me.”
As usual, Diogenes’ answer had a double interpretation. He may have asked Alexander to take him out of the darkness of ignorance, but he may have asked him to step aside, because he was hiding the sun from him.

Lais, the Corinthian

One very well know female characters of the ancient years was Laida, the Corinthian. She lived during the Peloponnesian War, from 431 BC. until 404 BC.
She was famous not only for her beauty and sensuality, but also for her education and elegance. She was so known for asking for large sums of money from her clients.

Corinthian columns

The Corinthian style is one of the three rhythms of ancient Greek architecture. It was created by the sculptor Kallimachos, inspired by a basket in the grave of a girl in Corinth.
In recent years, the Corinthian style has been especially loved by Renaissance architects and neoclassicists. Many famous buildings in Athens, Rome, London, New York, Washington and other capitals are adorned with Corinthian columns.

Corinthian black-figure technique

The Corinthian artists discovered the black-figure rhythm. After all, for almost the entire 7th century, Corinth was a dominant center of pottery and generally one of the most important artistic centers in the Mediterranean.

At the black-figure pace, the details are (usually) engraved. The size and shape of the Proto-Corinthian vessels (arvyvallos) show that they were used to trade expensive aromatic oils, which was the equivalent of today’s perfumes. This explains as a point their extremely high quality.

Symposium of the seven wise men

The famous “Symposium of the Seven Wise Men” took place in Corinth and specifically in the mansion of Periandros that was built near the Port of Lechaio, next to the sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Corinth Canal, a technological achievement

One of the most important works of modern Greece, which played a catalytic role in the trade of the Mediterranean, the Corinth Isthmus Canal, was an inspiration for centuries and was completed… 25 centuries after the conception of its idea.

Work began in 1882 with great formality, the total length of the Canal being 6,300 meters. In July 1893, Queen Olga cut the opening ribbon of the Canal with gold scissors, while the first ship officially sailed it. Today it is sailed by about 15,000 ships, of 50 different nationalities, and is the second most visited attraction in Greece after the Acropolis.

“It is not every man that can go to Corinth”

it is not every man that can go to Corinth.  Indeed, it was not easy for anyone travel to Corinth. City’s fame in antiquity had reached the ends of the then known world for its wealth and prosperity, for the excellent products of its ceramic workshops, for the temples and for the priestesses of Aphrodite who served in its numerous temples in the city itself, but mainly in the imposing Acrocorinth.

Loutra Oreas Elenis

Loutra Oreas Elenis (meaning the Baths of beautiful Helen) took their name from the springs of fresh water that exist by the sea, where it is said that Beautiful Helen, queen of Sparta, bathed. The water of the springs of the Beautiful Helen can be used for bath therapy with therapeutic and beneficial effects on the human body.

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