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Archaeological sites, monuments

Corinth, a rich and famous city in ancient years, is a significant cultural destination with archaeological sites and monuments of great importance, all waiting for you to discover.
  • If you want to visit the richest city in the ancient world, then Ancient Corinth is your destination. The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth is lo

  • The Rostra (Step) of the Roman Market During his stay in Corinth, St Paul the Apostle was brought before the viceroy of France, commander of Corint

  • Your tour of the Peloponnese should definitely include the castle of Acrocorinth. It is the largest castle in Moria, which has been used since ancient

  • It is located about 1.5 km southwest of Acrokorinthos, built on a cliff, it is a miniature of a castle. The ruins are few, there is a square tower sur

  • The port of Lechaeum was the main port - port of Ancient Corinth, a marvel of know-how and technology, copied by the Carthaginians first and then the

  • The Basilica of Lechaeum was dedicated to the Bishop of Athens, Leonides, who testified with seven women, around the middle of the 3rd century AD, by

  • It was the 2nd port - port of Ancient Corinth, where innovative methods of construction of port facilities were also applied. And in that there were t

  • The inventive Corinthians realized from a very early age - perhaps from the 9th century BC - that the importance of the Isthmus, beyond a defensive li

  • The old Monastery of Faneromeni is considered to be the oldest with this name in Greece. At the entrance of the temple visible to this day are two Ion

  • Stefani is a place rich in Byzantine monuments that refer to the history of the evolution of Byzantine Christianity to the Peloponnese in the 10th cen

  • A few kilometers north of Korfos is the old chapel of "Panagia tou Steiri", once a temple of a monastery, probably of the 11th century. From the 11

  • Sofiko is one of the few villages in Corinth, but also around Greece, that has a remarkable ecclesiastical history to show, originating in the first C

  • Between Chiliomodi and Klenia, lies the important city of Tenea. According to Pausanias, its first inhabitants were Trojans, who had been captured by

  • If you feel like mountaineering and history exploration, you should visit the Castle of Agionorio. It is located in the center part of Eastern Corinth

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