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Corinth has been a historical reference point, since ancient times. One of the most important node in the ancient world. Large shopping hub for East, West, South and North. Meeting center for cultures, religions, beliefs, knowledge. Only for the reach, culturally expensive, socially elitist, irreplaceable strategies, all this was summed up in the well-known five words: “it is not every man that can go to Corinth”


The original name of Corinth was Efyra. Sisyphus was the first of the kings, referenced in history as the only man who…


Corinth, a glorious state. Ancient Corinth has been inhabited since Neolithic times (6500-3250 BC). The city, known by …

Roman Times

The Confederacy’s confrontation with Rome led in 146 BC. in the famous battle of Lefkopetra, in the area of Isthmus, where the Greek troops …

Byzantine times

Corinth at this time is, along with Patras and Thebes, one of the most important centers of silk weaving and weaving of silk fabrics. All the activity of these textile workshops is under the vigilant control of imperial officials and many constitute imperial (public) property.

Ottoman times

During the First National Assembly, which took place in Epidaurus from 20-12-1821 to 25-1-1822, Corinth was designated the Capital and Headquarters of the “Provisional Administration of Greece”.

Latest Times

Compatriot refugees from Asia Minor arrived in Corinth. Some of them already…

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