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Corinthian or Saronic, you can find any option you may prefere. Organized or quiet, for relaxation or play, alternative or cosmopolitan, you will surely discover beaches here that you will love.

Corinth Gulf

  • The large organized beach of Corinth with easy access and parking. Sand and pebbles, shallow waters and enchanting sunset. Kalamia is the safest place

  • A large bay in the west of Corinth, with sand and shallow waters, preferred by families with young children for carefree play at sea. There are cafes

  • You will need to walk a little while swimming. The water is quite shallow and all the sand is on the bottom. But the same is true on the beach. So tak

  • A beautiful beach next to the entrance of the Isthmus, which you will enjoy "loose in the sea". A relaxing atmosphere, relaxation, play and a canteen

  • Near the port of Corinth, a "hidden" paradise of coolness in the city. Diving Spot.

  • Further away from Kalamia Beach in a more "quiet version". And here you will find umbrellas and sunbeds but also free spots to lay your towel. At noon

  • Sand inside out. We are talking about a lot of sand and also very shallow water. You will need to walk for a while until you swim. Kids love it. And d

Saronic Gulf

  • One of the most popular beaches in the Saronic Gulf. Sand, pebbles and wonderful views under the mountains. Swimming next to the ruins of the Ancient

  • Pebble beach with crystal clear waters and therapeutic bath in the thermal springs where the Helen of Troy (Orea Eleni meaning beautiful Helen) was on

  • Two kilometers of beach paved with pebbles. Umbrellas and sunbeds developed halfway across the beach. Clean sea, be careful only because it deepens ab

  • Beach next to a wetland. The "cold waters" that come down from mountain springs may initially freeze you, but in the summer lava they will rejuvenate

  • It is a small and pebbled bay, with tied boats that "dance" in the waves of the sea. The unique tavern that exists will take care of both your coffee

  • Unorganized picturesque harbor - beach near the village of Katakali with clear blue waters and loyal fans.

  • You will not need an umbrella since the trees reach almost to the sea. Pebble outside, pebble and inside. Water incredibly clean and calm.

  • Unorganized pebble beaches with clear blue waters for those who seek isolation and relaxation. On the green slope there are cottages and luxury hotels

  • Unorganized and secluded beach. Crystal clear deep waters and shady trees to lie down, close your eyes and hear only the flutter of the sea.

  • In the picturesque fishing village of the same name you will feel like you are on an island. Pebbles, crystal clear waters, romantic atmosphere. You w

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