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Plan your visit to Corinth

Useful information to better organize your trip to Corinth. Probably the easiest and the most affordable trip to a unique destination for all.

How to come

From Athens

Maybe in less than an hour, through the best highway in Greece, you are from anywhere in Athens on the most beautiful beaches of Corinth.

From Patra

The brand new Athens-Patras National Road brings you closer to us with greater safety and comfort. In less than two hours you’re where you once were … few could go.

From Tripoli

With the new Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata National Road, the trip to Corinth is a first part of the enjoyment of your trip. Of course the best awaits you in our unique Corinth.

Move to the city

On foot

Corinth is built in such a way as to favor walking in the city. Get a good mood and comfortable shoes to wander the streets.

See the routes we suggest.

By bike

Without steep slopes or downhills, Corinth is the ideal city for cyclists. It even has several bike lanes ensuring comfort and safety for cyclists within the city.

Public transport

Public transport allows you to visit the surrounding beaches and villages around Corinth, if you do not have your own means of transportation. The KTEL buses of Corinth operate public transport routes.

More information

By taxi

The city has a large fleet of taxi vehicles that will easily facilitate your movement at any point 24 hours a day.

Accommodation / Services


Hotels, rooms, boutique hotels and small residences … you give the option to stay according to your preferences. Detailed information can be found in Corinth Hoteliers Association.

Travel Agencies

The best travel agencies operate in the area to help you organize your vacation quickly and easily.

Car rental

High quality car rental services are provided at competitive prices by companies based in the Municipality of Corinth.

Tourist Guides

Discover the treasures of Corinth with the experience of a professional guide! More info at tourist-guides.gr

Useful phones

European Emergency Phone Number


Fire Brigade

Coritnh General Hospital
27413 61400 & 27410 25711


Port Police
27410 28888

Municipality of Corinth Headquorters
27413 61000

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