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Local products and Gastronomy

Corinth combines mountain, sea and fertile land. That’s why offers “a rich table” for her guests, giving them unique culinary delights. You can taste excellent local products that will always stay in your mind and heart.

Corinthian raisin

There is no person in the world who does not know the Corinthian raisin, also known as “black gold” as it was a pillar of the economy in the 19th century. Corinthian raisins have been cultivated for thousands of years in Corinth, the northwestern Peloponnese and Zakynthos, and in addition to their excellent taste, they are a “medicine” for the human body. It contains antioxidants, trace elements and dietary fiber that shield the body and rank it at the top of Super Foods.

Soultanina, the white grape

Sultanina (white grape) is a grape variety grown for the production of fine quality table grapes. It ripens in late July to early August and is a very popular food called sometimes, a treasure. Even dried (white raisins) does not lose any of its beneficial properties. Sultanina contains valuable trace elements, vitamins, fructose, glucose and phenols, with rich antibacterial properties.

Corinthian wine

Nemea may be at the top of the wine production, but Corinth also has many excellent wineries that you can visit, try and buy the wine you prefer. The Corinthian Club of Inophilos organizes various thematic tasting events that are extremely interesting.

Olive oil and local fruits

In Corinth you will find and taste excellent pure olive oil and edible olives that will turn your summer salads into a delicious meal. The main variety is Manaki, which stands out for its excellent aroma and rich taste.
Oranges, lemons, apricots, chestnuts, walnuts, figs, etc. fill the place with aromas and colors. Their fruits use in delicious sweets, jams, intoxicating liqueurs, flavor sweets or complement foods.

Milk, livestock and nature products

There are many aromatic herbs, oregano, thyme, tea, wild herbs, mushrooms, fine wild asparagus and artichokes. The area has been famous since centuries for all these. At the local markets, you will buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from producers at good prices. Meat eaters will enjoy quality meat from animals or farms and in selected locations will find high quality dairy products.

Corinthian Land and Sea Products

Fresh Corinthian fish and seafood are excellent. You can combine them with traditional pasta made by local family crafts. If you still want more sought after flavors then try them with snails, from the pioneering farm Fereikos operating in Ancient Corinth. You can visit it, take a tour of the place and try different recipes.

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