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Alternative activities

If you want to combine relaxation and holidays full of action, Corinth is the ideal place.

Hiking / Climbing /Μountain bike

Dozens of paths, near small villages, inside forests, next to beaches and important sports, tell you stories of natural beauty and culture. Explore Angelokastro, Sofiko, Korfo, Almyri, Stefani, Klenia and Agios Vassilis and follow the most famous Mycenaean path.

Side parachute

No man’s dream is as old as his dream to fly. For the past 15 years, the mountain range of Homeric Trinity, which includes Nyfitsa, Psili Rachi Stefaniou, Galgouni, Dafnias and Trikorfo, has been a “gateway” to men and women, from Greece and abroad, to make their dream come true. Parachute or otherwise “paragliding”.

Observation of dolphins in the Corinthian

The Gulf of Corinth’s deep waters is sourrounded by land. As many say, it is a miniature of the Mediterranean. The Corinth Gulf hosts 4 species of dolphins, exactly as in the Mediterranean sea.

Travel through the Corinth Canal

Experience the unique crossing of the Corinth Canal, the second most popular place of interest (following Athens Acropolis). Cross the canal with the small cruise ships, organising regular itineraries, by boat or by speedboat.

Isthmus Bungee jumping

If you are fascinated by extreme sports and are looking for adrenaline, then try bungee jumping in one of the best places in the world. The Isthmus.

Thermal Baths in the springs of the Ancient Beautiful Helen

The Beautiful Helen Baths are located 10 km from Corinth and 7 km from the Isthmus Canal. Exceptional natural beauty, in the southern part of the Ancient Port of Corinth …

Water sports / Diving

The Corinthian Gulf with his maestro wind, is suitable for windsurfing. Feel the aura of canoeing, kayaking or SUP. A unique experience of the Corinthian gulf waves.

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