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Kechries – Loutra Oreas Elenis – Almyri – Katakali

Next to the Saronic Gulf, southeast of Corinth, a “window” opens with a perfect view of the Saronic Gulf. A reference point here is the second Ancient Port of Corinth, the port of Kechries. Many foundations of his facilities survive to this day. From this point on, the Apostle Paul sailed for Ephesus for the spread of Christianity.

In Kechries you will find a windless, sandy, organized beach with crystal clear and shallow waters. It is considered one of the most beautiful places for swimming and is especially preferred by families with young children.

Of course there is free space for those who want to lay their towel on the sand.

If you still do not “like” the sand, on the way to Epidavros immediately after Kechries you will find “Loutra Oreas Elenis” (Helen of Troy baths), a picturesque seaside village with many holiday modern and traditional recidences. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay. Taverns, cafes, tourist shops, hotels and campsites.

The area took their name from the thermal springs that are said to have been bathed by the Queen of Sparta, the Beautiful Helen, wife of Menelaus, central figure of the Trojan War. The water of the spring with the Thermal water in the Baths of the Beautiful Helen, is suitable for hydrotherapy for rheumatism. The water temperature is 19 degrees Celsius.

Following the coastal road, at 2km, is the beach of Kato Almyri, a favorite summer vacation destination. Large beach with pebbles and in most parts organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds that provide their customers with free beach bars.

It is particularly interesting to visit the Kokkosiou wetland, located on the edge of Kato Almyri beach, on the way to Katakali. The protected wetland has been created by the waters that originate from the mountain of Katakali and presents rare flora and fauna. Somewhere in the distance there is a half-ruined watermill. The icy brackish water ends up rushing into the sea. In fact, in a narrow spot, the momentum created by a natural water slide increases so much. Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Kokkosiou beach is refreshing.

The wider area is a top fishing destination. Choose a rock and set up a rod or throw line, sea bream, sea bass, sea bream and sterile in abundance. Pay attention only to spearfishers.

Nature lovers will enjoy the route to Katakali, a quiet village with stone houses. From there, a hiking trail begins, which passes by Lychnari beach, the beach of “Vagia” and ends at the blue-green beach of Frangolimanos.

Alternatively, the road to the car is good and leads right in front of the tiny beach of Katakali, Siderona and the neighboring bays.


Fun Facts:

Visit to the Monastery of Agios Therapontos in Galataki. The only monastery in Greece that honors the miraculous Saint Hieromartyr. The construction of the Monastery’s buildings based on Byzantine architectural forms and the use of materials processed with authentic traditional techniques, is the work of the Elder and the monks.

Near the port of Kechria, is the Archaeological Site of Isthmia and a small but very interesting Museum. Isthmia was a place of worship dedicated to Poseidon and in his honor sports were held every two years, the second most important sports in the ancient world.

Opposite Siderona beach is a very small island, which can be reached by swimming. Between the island and the right side of the bay of Siderona are tombs covered by the sea. These graves are visible without special sea glasses.

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