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Ancient Corinth – Examilia – Xylokeriza

Today’s village of Ancient Corinth is located in the shadow of the Acrocorinth and stretches around the imposing Archaeological Site and the Museum. Its center is a cobbled sidewalk with cafes, restaurants and tourist shops. The shop windows stand out with the handmade ceramics, faithful copies of the findings of the area and other exhibits.

He spent an entire day in Ancient Corinth and traveled between myth and history.

Otherwise, choose Ancient Corinth as your holiday destination as a boutique hotel and rooms to let all year round. It is about seven kilometers from Corinth.

Visit the nearby villages of Examilia and Xylokeriza to hike in the Onia Mountains, among dense forest and wonderful sea views.

EOS Corinth has organized and marked a network of 4 routes, starting from the small church of the Ascension just outside the Examilia and ends at the Baths of the Beautiful Helen. In Examilia you can visit the female Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity that celebrates the Holy Spirit.



Fun Facts:

Acrocorinth is the largest castle in Moria. Enjoy the stunning views of the four corners of the horizon. You will see the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf, Corinth, Loutraki and the plains of Corinth.

At the end of June, Pavlia is organized in honor of the Apostle Paul. They last about a week and include daily worship, cultural and other events in both Corinth and Ancient Corinth.

Festive events are also held on the day of Saints Anargyros Kosmas and Damianos (July 1) that last three days and nights. The iconostasis of the homonymous church is dominated by the miraculous icon of Saints Anargyros Kosmas and Damianos, in front of which many miracles have been performed – and continue to be performed – as evidenced by the reverent tributes of the benefactors.

If you have young children you will appreciate the large playground located in the area opposite the entrance of the Museum.

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