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Wherever you look you will find references to Corinth. Both because of the history of the city but also because of the unique location in which it is located, Corinth is always in the spotlight.

One day with the children in Acrokorinthos

Surely you have admired it as it stands majestically on the rock starting your excursions around the Peloponnese, but how many have visited it? The castle of Acrokorinthos, together with the archeological site of Ancient Corinth at its foot, is a nice idea for an easy and low budget walk from Athens, while if you read us from Northern Greece and go down for a vacation to Peloponnese it is worth putting in your schedule …

Short summer getaways

Short summer getaways can continue on beautiful day trips. For those who live in Attica, a good suggestion is Corinth. So close – about an hour from Athens – that you do not understand when you arrived! You only understand it from the beauty of the landscape, as the blue of the sea and the green of the olive and the pine, follow the urban landscape of Attica!

Soligeia: An unknown and hidden treasure in the Saronic Gulf

A short distance from Athens and the capital of Corinth is Soligeia, one of the most beautiful areas of the prefecture and the Peloponnese. The Kapodistrian municipality of Soligeia (01-01-1999) includes the villages of Sofiko (2100 inhabitants), Angelokastro (300 inhabitants), Korfos (300 inhabitants) …

Chiliomodi: The charming village of the descendants of Priam

Legend says that the Teneates were descendants of the captives of Troy, whom Agamemnon, through Tenedos, settled in the area. Over time, the legend of the lost city covered the area with a veil of mystery and many travelers and contemporaries looked for Ancient Tenea. The only find from the land of Teneatida was the “Kouros of Tenea”, a work of the 6th c. BC, which was found in 1846 in Athikia, Corinth. It represents a young man with a naked, athletic body and has the primordial form of the god Apollo.

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