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Chiliomodi – Koutalas – Ag. Basil

Chiliomodi is 18 km from Corinth, located in a nice location, with olive groves and a plain all around and next to a wonderful forest. It is the central village of an area with picturesque villages and rich heritage of Klenia, Agionori, Stefani, Agios Vassilios, Koutalas, Mapsos, Spathovouni.

In recent years it has attracted the attention of the whole world, due to the extensive tributes to the press for the great archeological findings of Ancient Tenea. Legend has it that the Teneats are descendants of Trojan captives, whom Agamemnon settled in the area.

Cross the famous pine forest of Chiliomodi, a wonderful natural forest ecosystem, a remnant of a larger and more ancient forest in the area. It is an environmentally interesting and important pine forest from which the characteristic smell of pine and resin stands out. The route, the run and the walk in the forest of Chiliomodi is wonderful and refreshing.

The area is of remarkable religious interest: 2.5 km outside of Chiliomodi is the New Holy Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni, a 1896 building, where the pilgrim has the opportunity to admire the Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary, placed on a wood-carved iconostasis of rare art.

Passing an uphill distance of 3 km you reach the old JM Faneromeni. It was founded in the 11th century, at the entrance of the crevice of a rock, where the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary was revealed, while it is mentioned that of all the monasteries of Faneromeni throughout Greece, Corinthian is the most important, oldest and most official. Every year on the night of the Life of the Life-Giving Spring, a custom is revived. The young people of the village light fires in the mountains that surround the old monastery of Panagia tis Faneromeni, outside the village, forming the shape of the Cross. Then they gather in the precinct of the monastery where a party follows until the early morning hours.

From Chiliomodi you have the opportunity to follow two different but equally interesting routes: the first one crosses the Teneatiko field to the west and ends at Agios Vassilios. The castle of Agios Vassilios, at a height of 500 m, dominates there, with an amazing view of the fertile plain.


After Agios Vassilios, the historic settlement of Dervenakia meets, where it was defeated, in a historic battle of 1823, the army of Dramalis by the Greek fighters, with Nikitaras and Kolokotronis at the forefront.

The second route, southwest of Chiliomodio, will take you to the villages of Koutala, Spathovouni and Mapso. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture. In fact, Koutalas is famous for its potatoes, which you can try in various versions at the Potato Festival that takes place in July. If you arrive in Mapsos, visit the famous Monastery of the Holy Cross. It is a wonderful and hospitable monastery that, in addition to spiritual work, has to showcase productive livestock products from its rich farm.


 Fun Facts:

Every year, local organizations in the area organize a road race on gentle semi-mountainous green forest paths and roads in the hills east of the Corinthian Millennium.

The Monastery of Agia Faneromeni celebrates on August 23 with a three-day celebration and procession of the icon from the old to the new monastery.

Our great actress Irini Pappas, the director Manousos Manousakis, the poet Vassilis Rotas come from Chiliomodi.

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